Spatial Motion as Organic Supercomputation

[Cross posted from Organic Reality Games.] Instead of studying scientific theories as “specialized knowledge” with limited applications, we can consider studying scientific theories as inquiries into the structure of consciousness. Each of these specialized inquiries is composed of certain categories which exist in an interlinked network of usage. Meaning associations must be considered based on … Continue reading Spatial Motion as Organic Supercomputation

The Self-Testing Hypothesis

The self testing hypothesis is a theory about communication and the relation between genes and memes. As demonstrated by quantum bioholography, the human organism is an expression-projection of the DNA code sequence. This means that all externalized, spatial projection structures are ultimately encoded in the genome. The externalized, spatial projection structure of the world is … Continue reading The Self-Testing Hypothesis

The Transition to a New Financial System

There is currently an information war about the foundations of the financial system. There are certain factions which are promoting a transhumanist, technology dependent timeline. The current financial system depends on metallic technology and is centered around "technology" companies. On this trajectory, we move to massive dependence on metallic technology and transhumanist scenarios involving the … Continue reading The Transition to a New Financial System

The Holoflux Metagame as the Substrate of Economy

The single integrated timeline of a human being from birth to death can be regarded as a spacetime 4-dimensional mathematical structure. This structure can be compressed into a certain sequence of code-categories that generate the entire underlying field signature of energy of that lifetime. The entire mathematical structure is a block of spacetime path information. … Continue reading The Holoflux Metagame as the Substrate of Economy

Organic Mathematics for Decoding Memories

Organic mathematics is based on the premise that there is an "original situation" at the beginning of time when nothing and everything spontaneously generate one another. This original situation is the moment that is the origin of creation, and is always concurrent with reality. In other words this original situation or original axiom is always … Continue reading Organic Mathematics for Decoding Memories

Organic Mathematics in Information Warfare

The algorithms of the AGI are implemented on a more fundamental substrate of intelligence formation. The programmers and technology experts are tapping into a field of knowledge that has to do with the formal mathematics and formal logic. That field of knowledge is an intrinsic aspect of the underlying, substrate intelligence of what is called … Continue reading Organic Mathematics in Information Warfare