Hyperborean Alliance and Transcendental Politics

The natural priorities of the Hyperborean Alliance are the following:

1.) Anti-racism- the very idea of progress and the superiority of technology are racist ideas. The idea that one society or people is more “developed” is a racist notion. The races are biological and spiritual affinity groups that are necessarily distinct. They do not have to blend together, but can cooperate, respect, and harmonize with one another independently. We absolutely must preserve diversity and uniqueness of races and cultures over and against a globalized homogeneity that seeks to create grey alien races.

2.) Family & Nationalism- strengthening the family affinity group, thus strengthening the community affinity group, thus strengthening the national affinity group. Everything is rooted in the family.

3.) Traditional Ecology- the natural and supernatural interdependence of activity, the total harmony of creation as the most fundamental activity of society. It is not money that makes the world go round, it is the qualitative spatial relationships between beings. The fundamental activity of society is evaluating and deciding these spatial relationships.

The Risen Christ

1.) Anti-racism:

The Hyperborean alliance is devoted to the preservation of the unique spiritual groupings of society. The races constitute different spiritual collectivities. There is not a natural hierarchy of races, but there is a spiritual difference between races. And we must preserve the purity of each of the ethnic groups. Each of the ethnic groups is special and unique and worth preserving in itself.

The different racial and ethnic groups can cooperate and work and live together, but this does not mean that the world is simply a homogeneous mix of one single grey race. There is color and variation among the world’s people. There are beautiful uniquenesses to each of the world’s cultures. There is no hierarchy of races, the races are distinct spiritual collectivities. The folk mind is a legitimate collective consciousness that should not be confused and syncretized. For this reason we need strong boundaries between nations, the second priority of the Hyperborean Alliance.

The very notion of progress is that now is necessarily better than before. What came later necessarily improves upon what was before. That those with more technology and democracy and less religion are somehow more advanced in social relations. The reality is that they are more estranged from organic being of the whole. Some archaic cultures preserve a primordial relation to the whole that is felt in everyday conduct. It would be wise of the “advanced” nations to try to recover some aspect of this relation.

The very notion of progress is racist, in that is denigrates the less technologically or economically developed countries. In reality, there are different timelines or trajectories of development. Those nations that are not as “developed” as the Western world, are simply developed in different ways.

To assert that one race is superior to another is racist. To assert that the races must destroy their unique folk minds is racist. Each race or culture must preserve its unique folk mind and each race or culture has the right to do so. There is not a zero sum game for the glory of one folk mind over another. Thus the different ethnic or folk minds have the right to preserve their own culture.

We must not assert that these distinct ethnic groups must mix together and lose their original customs in a bland homogeneity. Or assert that economics is the primary measure of development or health. Money is not the primary factor of importance in the vitality of society.

There are many different styles of science and technology. Science is grounded in cultural axioms and in common sense prescientific preconceptions. It is grounded in the historical context that determines its existence.

This is not to deny that there is an objective reality of eternal laws. But material science can hardly claim this title because it has lost its grounding in the divine. It ceased to be a sacred science, and became a profane science. Thus it can have no claim to eternal laws. It has no validity for the preservation of the organic totality of man’s existence. Material science speaks to partialities that cannot transcend their localized, historically conditioned realities. Thus there is no healing of society through material science. The material scientist has no relation to the organic whole in his use of categories. His categories do not reinforce socially stable meanings.

This is why we need a new conception of science, which is a sacred science, grounded in a Hyperborean Catholicism. This is similar to the Thomistic sacred science. Except that St. Thomas Aquinas synthesized Aristotelian categories with Christian revelation. Whereas we must elevate natural scientific categories to Hyperborean Catholic subtle immateriality.

Material science assumes it has achieved the pinnacle of human achievement, when in fact it reduces everything to utility, mechanism, and matter. In the true conception of science, that is, sacred science, these cannot exist without beauty, organism, and the transcendent. That is utility depends on beauty and simplicity. Mechanism depends on the organic holism. Matter depends on the immaterial.

The scientist is grounded in the transcendent infinity and thus uses categories in such a way that they are harmonized with space and with the divine order of existence. Each localized observation is a reflection a non-local, transcendent aggregate, and in this way, it nourishes the being of the collective.

The localized processing of information works through the antagonisms and the impasses of the collective. Each person nourishes the collective being with his localized evaluations of space.

This is antagonistic to the current conception of material science which is based on an egotistic competition for reputation and credentials. Material science is animalistic and based in low, egoistic motivations rather than exalting the divine order of existence.

There is no reason that a sacred science has to come at the expense of the accurateness and precision of material science. It would in fact be more accurate because it would be in concordance with the actual conditions of reality and super-reality.

tonpa shenrab.jpg
Tonpa Shenrab

2.) Family & Nationalism:

The second principle of the Hyperborean alliance is to strengthen the collective spiritual identity of the family and the nation at the expense of atomized individuality. This is the emphasis on the folk mind. This is paradoxically expressed by the theme of the sacrificial warrior hero.

The hero is the one who sacrifices his entire being for the benefit of the collective. He thus embodies an impersonal, timeless wisdom. He participates in the collective soul. This is the role of the patriarchal father who supports his family, the first affinity group. From supporting the family affinity, he can increasingly support the community and then the nation.

The community revolves around the sacrificial warriors who put everything on the line for the sake of the others. There is a natural nucleus of the community. All communal activity is coordinated around the primordial sacrifice. This is brought out most clearly in the Christian Mysteries.

The primordial sacrifice reflects the cosmogonic act, the moment of creation when nothing and something are coterminous, the moment when the primordial “nothing” is sacrificed in the act of creation. The stable infinity is sacrificed for the sake of the dynamic temporal and finite order. This is the primordial sacrifice in which limitation, boundary, context are instituted in creation. This is the very fabric of the relation between ground and figure. This is the importance of boundaries.

And thus the family affinity group naturally coordinates around the father. The community affinity group naturally coordinates around the hero or priest. And the national affinity group naturally coordinates around the king. The king is the nucleus of the nation. He embodies the supernatural energy of the collective. Yet he stands above the collective. The collective elevates him the position of power out of respect and honor. He naturally synthesizes the the material and the transcendent. He does not lower the tenor of the collective conversation to the grossest elements, but speaks to the highest capacity of the soul. He embodies an impersonal, eternal wisdom that speaks in proper analogies and lives in the soul of each person.

The organic composition of the collective organism is structured around a natural center which is the father, hero, or king.

The king uses words in the correct way and gives priority to the highest things. He is utterly devoted and dedicated to faith in the transcendent, divine order, such that this order speaks through him and structures the collective activity of people in space.

The king institutes subsidiarity to push decision making down to localized priests and fathers. The king reflects the divine order to such a degree that it causes the people to adore the transcendent infinite, rather than petty idols. And thus all of the people are coordinated around the instantiation of the divine order. Each of the people realizes the purpose of their life through their relation to their father, community hero, and king. And all of these purposes harmonize into a single transcendent activity that is at the basis of the proper society.

Eagle, Garuda

3.) Traditionalist Ecology:

The Hyperborean alliance recognizes a single transcendent activity as the basis of the societal being. The organic, collective being is a single harmonious whole. And each person is a limited, finite component of that overall organism.

The fundamental activity of society is the decode the spatial relationships of the organic whole. The whole has a natural articulation. It has a natural canon of category relations. From this grounded style of ecology, springs the natural desire to preserve the environment.

The entire system of society is devoted to unconcealing the harmonious social activity. The processing of knowledge and information in capitalist, scientific societies is deluded in materialistic, mechanistic social activity. The prescientific, common sense root of the technical activities is the sense of the supernatural.

The primary activity of society, the main thing that people do every day, is evaluate space into the natural articulation of the whole. This involves certain relations of qualitative potency that are reflected in categories.

There is a supernatural hierarchy of qualitative potencies. There is a substratum of being which is so lucid and interdependent and harmonious that from this layer, the entire system of organic relations is generated. All of being is contained in the analogy of this substratum. And there are layers of qualitative potency that are unconcealed in the synthetic relations between different domains of knowledge.

The goal of society is to coordinate absolutely around the highest qualitative potency, the highest organic being, the highest form of existence, which is the only objective reality. This is the reality of the transcendent God. Only from this transcendent reality is a genuine ecology possible.

The soul naturally tends towards a certain relation with space in which all of the eternal values are filled out in space in the proper order. And this is a kind of absorption into the divine order of creation. And once a critical threshold of people have ordered their lives in this manner, then there is a paroxysm of being into a system of graduated harmony, in which all of the elements of composition fit together in a synchronous, interdependent lucidity.

The Hyperborean alliance is working towards a wealth transfer to this kind of organic activity in which spatial relationships are decided, decoded, unveiled to reveal the hidden harmony of creation.

The Hyperborean alliance must build up a momentum of qualitative potency until it shifts the fundamental activity of the economy towards processing the natural spatial relationships between categories. There is a synthesis between many disparate domains of knowledge that allows for the wants and the needs of society to be filled out in the optimal manner. This is the optimal distribution of information in society. When every person realizes their dreams in the best possible manner, through an enjoyable and interesting struggle. Every action in space becomes fitted and compatible with every other. The actions upon space become lucid and synchronous in a mutual coincidence of intentions that is the natural structure of the human psychology.

aryan goddess 8
The Hyperborean Soul


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