The Transcendental Reality of Religion

The most basic proof that religion is real is that the results of the teachings of Jesus or Mohammed have resulted in transcendentally beautiful architectural structures and coordinated ritual social and moral action that has persisted over thousands of years. Religion is the most game theoretically sound coordination structure.

If science or Enlightenment rationality (rejection of tradition) is so far superior to religion why hasn’t it’s resulted in an organization of society that is comparable to the scale and influence of society established by religion? Why hasn’t it created massive architectural creations and influenced powerful artistic movements? Modern art and architecture are soulless, barren degenerate forms of existence. There are no rituals, there are no festivals, there are no transcendent models of perfection. Material science has resulted in total cultural fragmentation and confusion.

cyborg 3.jpg
Material science invites people to become cyborgs.

The teachings of the traditional religions are from the time of oral communications. Since then we have had the scribal medium of communication, then the print medium, then the electric television and radio medium, and now we have digital medium. It could be said that the digital media are comparable in scale and influence to the original oral teachings of the traditional religions. And so science in fact has achieved the scale and influence of traditional religion.

But there has never been a scientist or Enlightenment rationalist who was capable of organizing people in the way that the prophets organized people, organically and in accordance with natural structure. Material science does not have the same degree of inspiration, the same transcendental poetry of existence. The organic forms of coordination are just not possible with a material science, because material science cuts people off from the spiritual essence .

How can science compete with the traditional religious teachings to organize society? All material science offers is indecisive neturality in a cold, mechanistic materialism. It encourages and exalts the individual to shed all possible group identity. It motivates the individual to reduce their thinking to sub-personal, schizophrenic processes.

Gilles Deleuze, impressed by material science, encouraged people to become schizophrenic.

Traditional religion motivates an organic wholism, a view of the whole system of being. Science motivates a total fragmentation into individual and sub-personal processes. This is why science would only make sense as a science of the whole. If there was a science of the transcendent immaterial processes that organize material processes. But material scientists are uninterested in the spiritual world and they are uninterested in the tradition.

Therefore most scientists are part of the cyborg hive mind. They will willingly give up their human status to become biologically united with technology. They think that they are simply “evolving” into the next phase of “human evolution” when they become cyborgs. But becoming a cyborg is a theistic decision, it is a denial of the source of existence. It has divine consequences, it has consequences for the soul and the races of humanity.

The soul really exists, as attested to by all of human history and by the galactic testimony of the higher beings. The soul that becomes a cyborg becomes badly disordered, it is cut off from the original divine inspiration.

This is why it is the task of the original human beings to discover the organic science of creation, the science that orders and directs all existence in the symphony of divine influences. This is only possible by a science of pure qualities which coordinate the movements and actions of communities of people.

angels 7.jpg
Angels understand the original science of creation.

The people who decide not to biologically unite with technology make a theistic decision, they choose to affirm God and creation and the natural course of evolution. They thus become children of the Most High God, and they are separated from the evil ones who choose to alter the natural course of evolution and pursue a false path of metallic dependency.

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