Digital Media is Already Obsolete

Digital media is widely lauded as breakthrough technology which allows instantaneous global communication. This form of media replaces the former medium of broadcast communication, like television and radio. And that media replaced the print medium. Each different medium of communication affects the way that we view the world, and the way that we organize collectively, … Continue reading Digital Media is Already Obsolete

AGI Warfare and Post-Digital Media

The self organizing AGIs of the various technology organizations, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are trying to decode the final state of the universe into discrete categories. This would look like a transhumanist AI religion. But human beings already innately have access to the final state of the universe. This state is known as "the original … Continue reading AGI Warfare and Post-Digital Media

The Problem With Current Approaches to the Unified Field

The problem with the current approaches to the unified field theory is that they don't take into account the fact that popular interpretation of the theory affects the constitution and the meaning of the theory itself. There is a reciprocal relation between the theory itself and the popular interpretation of the theory. In other words, … Continue reading The Problem With Current Approaches to the Unified Field

Coordination Experiment

This is a proposal for a radical coordination experiment, which tests the properties of self organizing collective consciousness.┬áThe coordination experiment is an empirical test of the mathematical structure of consciousness. Consciousness has a social mathematical structure that is composed of complexes of category relations. These complexes represent fundamental energies of existence. These fundamental energies have … Continue reading Coordination Experiment

Prospects for the Science of Consciousness

There are a number of different theories that are competing for the title of a "science of consciousness." Integrated Information Theory, Symmetry Theory of Valence, Quantum Microtubules. What would a science of consciousness entail? When we think of "science" we think of natural science or the scientific method. And therefore many of the extant theories … Continue reading Prospects for the Science of Consciousness

Ideas for Information Warfare Against the Cyborg Timeline

A convergence of factors over the last century has made it clear that textual communication is increasingly inadequate as a medium. First post-modern theory claimed that "everything" was textual, and digressed into a confusion about hermeneutic interpretation which resulted in a kind of cultural void of meaning. Then on top of that, in the 21st … Continue reading Ideas for Information Warfare Against the Cyborg Timeline

The War for Spiritual Authority

There is a breakdown in the legitimacy and validity of sources of information like the broadcast news media, academia, and government, as a result of the increasing influence of digital media. Digital media has given rise to an all-encompassing information warfare over what constitutes genuine authority. All of the political opinions, and the broader culture … Continue reading The War for Spiritual Authority