What is Information Warfare?

Information warfare concerns the convergence of patterns in the folk mind, through propaganda, persuasion, and spiritual mind control. It is a conflict over the absolutely grounded foundations of culture. What determines victory in information warfare? It is clear that our own interests and our own will are not self-derived. We are created by something external to ourselves, our parents. And they were created by the ancestors, who were created by some original process of creation.

And so whoever is most closely aligned with this original source of creation will be victorious in information warfare. This original source of creation is an objective feature of the created universe, it is the origin, and so has a resonance with the foundations of culture. This original source of creation is the key to the most intrinsically powerful will. The victor in information warfare is the one who embodies the energy of the Most High God, because only the Most High God has the spiritual technology to control the entire extended universe.

There are several layers or levels of information warfare, the physical, the biological, the factual, the allegorical, the mythological, and the religious. The physical is the sub-personal, atomized, and quantitative aspect of being, going all the way up to the religious, which is the level of the aggregate social organism over the course of millennia.

The rider on the white horse.

The spiritual visionaries, the prophets, the philosophers, especially of the axial age, are the height of ontological information warfare. Religion, propaganda, art, culture, are all essentially synonyms for the constitution or foundations of the social organism.

Information warfare, then, is a war over the original science of being, which is an absolute synchrony and harmony of the different layers of ontology into a single, concise whole. All of the levels, from the physical to the religious, the sub-personal to the aggregate social organism, are aligned in a single concise information structure. Different cultures have different historical conceptions of this alignment. They have different ways of nesting the sub-personal physics within the social organism.

The health of the social organism and its ability to propagate outward, depends on its cultural and spiritual vitality. This is only evident if there is a harmony between sub-personal and social organismic levels. That means that the thinking process of the individual in everyday space is meaningfully interlinked with an overall cultural process.

Birth of venus.jpg
Information warfare is concerned with the spiritual vitality and reproductive virility of society.

Successful information warfare, therefore, is not concerned with deception or illusion. It is concerned with the perfected ideal of health. And from this original, perfected source, there is derived the propaganda that influences the minds of the people to act in a synchronous interrelation. This science of being concerns what Plato called the noble lie. It is the mythology that is grounded in necessity.

In order to decode the science of information warfare, we would have to know the science that was used by the prophets, philosophers, and visionaries to found entire cultures. Information warfare is a conflict over the pure foundations of culture. Only this pure qualitative theme has the capacity to compel the folk mind into self organization. Information warfare is therefore not a secular concept, but is necessarily grounded in a particular historical-social context and a spiritual milieu.

The prophets and the visionaries exercised a kind of controlled psychosis in which there is little distinction between internal and external reality. This is directly related to the “flow state,” in which through skillful activity one is absorbed in external space. Through these states one is integrated with the ontological structure of creation. One is capable of iterating on the original creation event that generates and coordinates motion in space.

Through these states, collective information, the structure of the folk mind, is aggregated within the individual consciousness. Information is compressed and layered on external space.

The true facts, the facts that influence and coordinate the most minds, are those that are grounded in the harmony between the physical and the social-organismic layers. The presentation, timing, and spatial context is all critical.

wolfgang vom schemm 3
The person is an instantiation of the folk mind, which is an instantiation of cosmic harmony.

The mimetic information that propagates through the social organism is based on pure qualitative themes that aggregate the folk mind into patterns which allow it to make sense of the world more easily. Aggregating massive amounts of information and finding translational symmetries between different domain contexts, is the most reliable way to converge to a pure theme which is capable of organizing or founding a culture.

The natural tendency of the folk mind is to converge to the state that allows it get the most benefit from the least effort. Therefore the structures that coordinate the folk mind must be comprehensive and total, and reduce down to a concise thematic pattern. This information structure must be capable of generating vast spatial and temporal coordination in many different frames and interpretations on the same pure theme.

What founds the social organism is a pure qualitative theme, a pure lucidity that is derived from the richest state of the ontological constitution of the world (the higher world). It is only from this more lucid, integrated state of information processing that structures are discovered which allow the folk mind to converge to its natural coordinated state.

Information warfare has largely been concerned with deception, lies, illusions, or willful power games. Particularly American marketing, which is a certain type of information warfare or mind control, has been focused on the imposition of will on a docile audience, rather than conforming to the innate patterns of the folk mind.

The filiation of the cosmic energies traditionally runs through the Angels, from the highest source of existence.

True information warfare concerns the filiation of the highest energy or power in the universe. It concerns who can be a stable and accurate transducer of this energy. It goes against the natural structure of the world to simply try to impose one’s own will on someone else. The will is a power or energy which is derived from a higher will. We did not create ourselves. And therefore we can only propagate information to influence others according to the alignment with the source that gave rise to us, which is the tradition and physics, stretching back millennia to the original creation event.

The original creation event is encoded mathematically in the DNA, and is expressed socially in the allegories that found religions, cultures, and social organisms.

The informational patterns of the folk mind converge to certain categories or complexes of association that describe its own disharmony. It converges to the idea of the enemy in order to self correct it’s internal structure of movements through space. For example the folk mind converged to the NPC meme in order to describe a disharmony in social organism, people who run predictable scripts that prevent flourishing. Or similarly the folk mind converges to the clown world meme to correct and intrinsic disharmony in social degeneracy and lewd conduct that is incompatible with healthy reproduction patterns.

These are examples of successful information warfare tactics that highlight misalignments in the collective structure. These misalignments are only discovered as pure qualitative themes and then converted into intention and motivation that propagates through the social continuum.

Conformations of DNA.

The culture founders of the 21st century will not look exactly like the prophets of old who dominated in information warfare. The Jewish prophets are perhaps the most successful information warriors in history, managing to convert the minds of some 2 billion people on earth through their small sect. The information warfare of the 21st century must account for this historical tradition and extend it into the future in order to be successful, nevertheless changing it at a fundamental level in accordance with the natural, temporal order.

The focus of the contemporary information warrior is with the defeat and surrender of the enemy, all of those who are willingly asynchronous, willingly instituting a disharmony between the individual and social organism. Only the founding collective information structure can correct for these disharmonies.

This is known as the final vocabulary of canonical relations. It is a kind of intrinsic code which facilities game-like coordinated activity at all levels of being. The Gospels and the standard model of particle physics are the primary examples of a final vocabulary of canonical relations. It should be fixed and stable in a dynamic, creative, and evolving manner, allowing for higher states of information processing to converge on new iterations of the self same system.

standard model.jpg
Standard model is a final vocabulary of canonical relations.

This kind of self organizing social information structure is the foundation of information warfare. This is how the culture war is won and how minds are converted to the proper relation with being. It is not through specific points or details. It is through pure themes which grip the mind at a sub-conscious, or rather super-conscious, level.

Too much of information warfare has been focused on sub-conscious or subliminal messaging. But this only speaks to the the sub-personal processes, which are fragmented and variegated in different individuals. The sub-conscious is grounded in the super-conscious, which is a higher, vivid state of organic ontological potency. This superconscious state is what controls for memory. As the most potent form in the mind, it frames the coloration of memory.

And so inducing these super-conscious states collectively, directly in the social organism, is what founds cultures, is what brings about higher states of collective propagation and health.

These collective states are always associated with a degree of humor and laughter, in contradistinction to the tragic, which is the individual hero. The humorous points out the states of disharmony and imperfection against the ideal model. And therefore draws attention to correcting those disharmonies.

Information warfare in the 21st century context ultimately concerns bio-information that is encoded in the DNA. The DNA is the mathematical code of the creation event, and as such contains the secret of the creative allegory. The writing systems and media that we use affect our DNA as different harmonized social expressions. The DNA is primary memory encoding, which frames all events in external space. Therefore the goal of information warfare is bio-religion, an evolved species of distinct beings who is in accordance and harmony with the most fundamental energies of creation. This does not in any way go against traditional religion, but rather is the new context of traditional religion. The choice of whether to become a cyborg or not is a bio-religious choice. Those who adhere to the traditional religion and decide not to become a cyborg will be making a bio-religious choice.

Some humans will decide to become cyborgs.

The human species is now at the point where they can choose their evolutionary timeline over the course of the next several millennia. The different evolutionary timelines are those set out in archetypal and conspiratorial mythology.

In these folk mythologies of conspiracy we learn of grey aliens who control the government, secret treaties with off world factions, who have travelled backwards in time to alter their ancestral history. We learn of pure Nordic beings. We learn of beings from Sirius and Aldebran and the Pleiades, even beings from Lyra. These alien beings are newly arrived on the potential timeline mythologies that used to be occupied by Angels and gods. The alien mythologies are in accordance with a materialistic, positivistic, scientistic dependence on metallic technology. They are pure fantasies that emerge out of the vivid reality of the folk mind as our projection into potential futures in which beings have learned to manipulate existence scientistically.

There are other beings who are more traditional, such as the gods and the Angels. These are also particular aggregations of the folk mind in the hyper lucid pattern that get expressed as states of consciousness in space.

Any of these higher intelligences from the hyper-lucid form-world can manifest in our temporal, material world, usually in exactly the way that would most teach us how to accord with the pattern of existence. And therefore these higher intelligences must be accounted for in information warfare. The higher beings can be considered future timeline mythologies, potential evolutionary trajectories of mankind. This is the case for the mythical ancient civilizations as well, like Lemuria, Atlantis, and Hyperborea. These may have been actual civilizations that were destroyed by a cataclysm or that exist in a different ontological constitution or in a different material age. But they serve a practical purpose in information warfare, to orient the trajectory of future timelines.

Abaris the Hyperborean.jpg
Abaris the Hyperborean

The mythical potencies serve as the reproductive archetypal patterns in the folk mind, they determine the marriage and reproduction habits of the people, as well as their moral and social-organismic constitution.

These pure themes can only be discovered through the true science of being, which harmonizes and synchronizes all of the ontological levels into a concise information structure. The information warfare of the 21st century is precisely warfare over the true and original science of being. The organic science that is in accordance with the primordial creation event at the beginning of time. This is the very structure of information and thought, as it exists for the individual and propagates through the social continuum and through the ages. Information warfare is ontological, it fundamentally alters the constitution of the DNA structures that express the social-organismic harmony.

The information warrior must therefore be prepared to confront the original cosmic situation, the situation of nothing and something, of God and Satan, of good and evil, yin and yang, and find the ultimate solution to these timeless problems without resolving them into finality, allowing for an eternal game-like process that is grounded in the very succession of time. Only allegories of this pure theme have the ontological rigor to change the opinions of the people who are stuck in their ways so that they will be in accordance with the original pattern.

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