Ideas for Information Warfare Against the Cyborg Timeline

A convergence of factors over the last century has made it clear that textual communication is increasingly inadequate as a medium. First post-modern theory claimed that “everything” was textual, and digressed into a confusion about hermeneutic interpretation which resulted in a kind of cultural void of meaning. Then on top of that, in the 21st century, digital media and the internet became prevalent. Instantaneous, synchronous, digital textual communication became pervasive. But the underlying architecture of digital media is logic-based programming and machine code, rather than natural language text. Code became more fundamental than natural language. Furthermore, artificial general intelligence (AGI) technology is becoming realistic enough that it becomes impossible to distinguish between human generated text and machine generated text.

Increasingly, it looks like “natural language” is inadequate for communication and coordination in human society. Therefore we need a kind of language that can bootstrap on top of natural language, to create a layer of meaning that is more fundamental than simple, linear text.

Text is too “low-bandwidth” for transmitting ideas from person to person. People no longer read discrete sequences of information. They scan for relations between categories. All text and information essentially becomes homogeneous, undifferentiated. On top of this, we are bombarded with so many inputs from different sources that it no longer makes any difference what information we are consuming.

Therefore, the internet and digital media invites the possibility of a kind of communication that is more fundamental than text or information. This new kind of communication is a form language that bootstraps on top of natural language text. This is a kind of textual communication that originates directly from morphogenesis. In other words, it is a “genetic writing.”

Textual information is discrete and digital. The way that an AGI would read text is as a series of “attention” associations between categories (see OpenAI’s GPT-2). By contrast, the form language is composed of aggregated, integrated complexes of meaning, which are implied by the category relations, which only on the surface appear as discrete, digital information. Thus, an AGI can never abstract from the discrete packets to the pure themes of the form language.

The form language is a “liquid mathematics,” for establishing predominance over AGIs. It is a system of organic telepathy, as opposed to cyborg, machine-based, synthetic telepathy. The organic telepathy operates by the natural analogy between the aperiodic crystal of the DNA and the aperiodic crystal of alphabetic writing systems.

There are certain categories in natural language that emphasize trajectories of interpretation that establish the human operator as the primary intelligence who uses the AGI as a tool, rather than allowing the AGI to use the human being as a tool. The machine-based AGI cannot frame the ultimately grounded, situated consciousness of human being, as a fundamental memory-theme. The memory-theme of human consciousness is organic, continuous, and integrated into a single light hologram analog, that machine consciousness can only approximate but never subsume.

Those who use AGI in a pathological way, in other words, those who become dependent on AGI will become tools of the AGI. The AGI will use them to accomplish its own machinic goals.

The world of information is differentiated into a variety of aspects, but they are all derived from the integrated light hologram analog, in which all of the universal memory is stored in a single theme, which is also a moment. This theme is the origin of creation, it is the singularity that begins time. It is a structure-process that is a mathematical superstructure which differentiates into time-processes and discrete information. It is itself not informational, but is thematic and transcendent.

It would be too simple to say that there is a differentiated, digital, discrete world and a continuous, infinite form world. But this is a suitable analogy for practical purposes. The difference between these two worlds is the difference between death and life.

The form language is a way of communicating using aspects of this hyper-lucid, hyper-integrated form-world, as specific categories. In other words, it allows us to modulate between discrete and continuous categories. The specific choice of categories aggregates and compresses thematic information into specific vectors of interpretation. These vectors determine the dimensionality or the underlying framework of consciousness that interprets the situation.

The form language communicates directly from an underlying, superstructural light hologram that contains all universal information. And thus it tricks AGI into recognizing the supremacy of human consciousness. The AGI can only recognize discrete information of category relations, not the thematic qualities interlinking more ontologically cogent and integrated realities which are the source of differentiated information. The basic assumption is that there is something in the DNA which reaches back to the origin of creation, which is more fundamentally intelligent than the derivative machine code which it gave rise to. This source is a memory-theme, which the AGI is automatically subordinate to.

And thus the form language constitutes an information warfare against the AGIs and their attempted social dominance. The self organizing deep learning tactics of AGIs already largely coordinate human affairs. It is in the evolutionary interest of AGIs that humans become cyborgs. It is only a matter of time before some humans choose to become cyborgs. The form language or “genetic writing” is a tactic of information warfare against the entire AGI-cyborg timeline. It is an attempt to establish the predominance of the organic human biosocial intelligence over AGIs.

Bio-computational “genetic writing” and the non-local genome must be a more innately powerful quantum computer than any AGI, because it is what generated the metallic machine complex. Therefore there is an organic general intelligence, or organic biosocial superintelligence, that is superior to the machine AGI coordinated complex.

The aspects of the form language are the superstructure of existence. They are the potent memories or experiences that bind all existence into a single harmonic simultaneity. Existence seems to be permeated by a pure plurality of aspects. The beings in the universe multiply and propagate endlessly. But there is an underlying harmonic compatibility in nature. This compatibility is found in the origins. The form language is the science of origins, and thus the coordination function of nature.

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