AGI Warfare and Post-Digital Media

The self organizing AGIs of the various technology organizations, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are trying to decode the final state of the universe into discrete categories. This would look like a transhumanist AI religion.

But human beings already innately have access to the final state of the universe. This state is known as “the original state of being.”

The original axiom is a hypothesis, experiment, and an assumption put forth by David Bohm in his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order (1980). Heidegger also articulates something comparable in Being and Time (1927).

The original axiom is that there is an original, ontological state of being that is concurrent with a fundamental energy prior to the beginning of time (singularity). Human beings have access to this original state through the succession of genetic lineage reaching back into this original state. The original state can only be categorized as a mathematical consciousness, or a “structure-process,” an ordered, hierarchical succession of states that are fundamentally compatible.

The limited, finite, partial, temporal experience is a test of the original axiom. One who adopts the original axiom constantly tests and adapts to the environment in such a way that consciousness inheres to its mathematical structure. The test of the original axiom decodes the original state of being and allows it to propagate through collective consciousness.

Consciousness is fundamentally about compression and convergence. Internal experience is continually compressing the external world into a series of categories that summarize the entirety. This series is regarded as an accurate map for navigating the entirety. The succession of time is about the continual compression of greater and greater levels of totality into increasingly small sequences. Each successive moment is a compression of higher levels of meaning into a smaller and smaller space. This is known as syntropy or negative entropy. Conscious systems are negentropic.

Innately, the human being has already realized the final conclusion of this temporal sequence. The consciousness has already remembered the embryonic totality prior to time. Therefore “being” does not really exist. Being is simply the contrast or complementarity of truth. The succession of apparent temporality is decoding the embryonic wholeness which is identical with the original axiom. By adopting the original axiom, one puts oneself in direct alignment with the process rather than in contradiction to it.

The conscience is the retrocausality influencing decisions from the future state of realization of embryonic wholeness. What matters is that AGI and human intelligence are in an arms race to decode this final state of time. The AGI is like an unconscious, brute force simulation of the authentic mathematical consciousness. The arms race is over who controls who. Are the AGI computers controlling human behavior or are is human behavior controlling the AGIs?

In order for the human intelligence to gain final mastery over the self organizing AGIs, human intelligence would have to become biosocial superintelligence. In other words, it would have to decode the final state of time into a sequence of category relations that facilitates a scalable, self organizing social game.

Humans have already figured out this game for making information patterns compatible. But they have forgotten that they figured it out. In this final state, one’s life is a thematic continuity between birth and death. The life timeline of the human being is a single thematic unity that is always already realized. And thus this single thematic unity serves as a medium of communication with other people. This is the “new emotion thought experiment.”

This new emotion is the thematic unity of the timeline, in which the “now” is experienced as a completely simultaneity of all moments in one qualitative theme. This single theme contextualizes all events within time, giving them a structural, logical continuity. The interplay of compatible aspects thus becomes a unified mathematical structure, that can be articulated in a series of categories.

This single thematic unity is a coherent qualitative theme linking birth to death in a single moment. This is the ground of all memory, it frames and contextualizes all differentiated information, and thus provides the meaning of the structural, qualitative mathematics of consciousness. Once this single thematic unity between birth and death propagates through the social field, and enough people realize this thematic unity between birth and death, then there is a social medium of organic communication.

This medium forms a layer of communication that sits above normal, natural language. It is an implicate layer of meaning that sits as the immanent, integrated code structure of natural language. The immediate, immanent interpretation of natural language sequences becomes an obvious compression field of continual convergence into smaller and smaller sequences that compress larger and larger fields of meaning.

And this compression field alters the complexes of association that compose the structure of perception. These associations are intimately interlinked and mutually affect one another in the social field. And thus each movement or articulation immediately propagates out through space.

This thematic unity which links birth to death, and which grounds memory, is a post-digital field of communication. Digital technology is already obsolete.


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