The Need for an Exoteric Sacred Science

The problem with all existing approaches to science is that they are based on an esoteric, private interpretation of isolated communities of scientists. All of the fields of science assume a specialized knowledge base that takes years of study and in depth training. Of course, there is nothing wrong with years of study and in depth training. The problem is that this makes the sciences functionally useless for dealing with social and political problems.

We are already seeing political problems with science. We cannot collectively decide how to use science to influence the consensus around sex and gender, intelligent design and evolution, climate change, or when human life begins. All of these issues are symptomatic of a lack of a unified field of scientific knowledge. The different fields of science do not meaningfully interconnect into a unified, coherent field of understanding.

The main gap in the potential unified field seems to be between psychology and sociology. We do not have a meaningful science that can modulate between the individual and collective. What would this even look like?

The prototype of the unified field is the New Testament. The life of Christ has served as a coordination equilibrium for two millennia. What is attractive about the New Testament as a model for science? It is framed entirely in common sense language. It appeals to the highest faculties and idealizations of man. It speaks to the existential situation of man as man. It has served as a coordination equilibrium for millennia.

These are all features that must be present in the final unified field theory of science. The current approaches such as string theory, quantum gravity, quantum information, are all esoteric or private theories. They appeal to a private community of trained researchers and thus have no exoteric significance.

The exoteric sacred science is a true unified field that articulates the original substrate process of creation. It is assumed that there is an original state of being, a prototype of existential realization in which man as man is coordinated in a social organism that resolves the tension between the individual and society. What is the key to this resolution?

The key to this resolution lies in language and its divine prototype. The categories of natural language are a natural, organic mathematics of perception. The categories of natural language structure the perception of the external world in complexes of meaning and association. It is possible to decode these complex into sequences of category relations, and thus to change the composition of the external world by changing the composition of its internal perception.

There is a reciprocal relation between the internal perception of the world and the external composition of the world. The external composition of the world is not a brute, material stasis. It is affected by how it is observed. And so by an alchemy of perception, we can change the composition of the external world.

The exoteric sacred science starts as a small scale coordination game of exchanging categories. The exchange of categories results in a semantic convergence, wherein the meaning complexes of complex association converge around certain category sequences. In other words, the complex and intangible psychologies of two different persons spontaneously converge in a moment of realization, when the correct sequence of category relations is conveyed. This key to realization is then encoded as a canonical sequence and used in further iterations of the game.

In other words, there are key categories in the social mind which serve as equilibria of meaning. They serve as solutions to the macro-scale coordination game. And so the purpose of exchanging categories and converging semantics is to scale up the coordination game. Ultimately this is a coordination game of pure energy exchange, it is a collective expression of the original vital process.

And through this radical coordination experiment, the series of conversations converges to a stable set of canonical category relations that draws from various fields of knowledge. This stable set is itself and evolving social organism. It like an orthodoxy of interpretation that allows for continuous variation. But it is designed to radically inclusive so that anyone can participate at their appropriate level of understanding.

Ultimately each subjective experience of the person is responsible for their own interpretation of this coordination game, but the field of categories and category relations serves as the intersubjective bootstrapping into collective consciousness. The field of category relations is a social mind. It serves as a map of the social consciousness and all the various aspects of frames and interpretations that structure individual perception of space.

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