Higher Intelligence Programs

There are a series of observations and pieces of evidence which has led me to believe that we already exist in a data hologram which is a cross between a scientific experiment and a game, being controlled by higher dimensional entities.

There is a war going on between two factions that are fighting over control. In the final analysis, these higher entities are called “Angels,” they exist in a hierarchy commanded by the “Most High God,” who is the Creator of the multiverse. But through various configurations of the experiment, these entities appear in different forms, based on the expression templates that are being run through the collective genome.

Let me lay out my evidence. I will go through several existing deep state programs and then show how they are all related.

Richard Allen Miller is a physicist who has worked on a number of black ops projects and was involved with Mankind Research Unlimited. He wrote a paper called Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars (2001), about the evolution of mind control technology, including radio and micro waves, ELF, voice to skull technology. He has multiple papers and interviews on youtube where he proves his deep knowledge of science as well as his extensive experience in black ops projects.

An excerpt from the paper reads:

“According to literature by Silent Sounds, Inc., it is now possible, using supercomputers, to analyze human emotional EEG patterns and replicate them, then store these “emotion signature clusters” on another computer and, at will, “silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being”.”

This was in the 90’s. In the 18 years since the paper was published in 2001, there has been an exponential improvement in the efficiency of computers. We can only imagine how efficient the mind control technology has improved from what is shared in this document.

Next, we know that DARPA has a keen interest in brain-computer interfaces. Their subjects can already fully control machines and user interfaces purely through neural signals.

There are also multiple private companies, like Neuralink developing similar technology. Still other companies are working on syringe injectable electronics, nano machines that can be injected into the bloodstream.

Then, there is IARPA’s interest in superforecasters. There have been tournaments to beat intelligence experts at forecasting future events. Essentially there are specific questions about what will happen in the future, questions about politics, foreign affairs, economics, and the team must answer these questions accurately to be recruited into IARPA intelligence operations. Then they put these superforecasters into teams to write reports and accurately assess future events.

There were also earlier, unassociated programs that were run at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and Princeteon Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR) on “remote viewing” in the 70’s through the 90’s, with people like Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ. This was known as the Stargate Project, run by the CIA. The purpose of Stargate was to assess the validity of psychic and paranormal phenomena such as clairvoyance and telepathy for use in intelligence purposes.

One of the people who was involved with the remote viewing scene was Jack Sarfatti, a physicist who studied with David Bohm, and who was also apparently involved in of secret government projects. Sarfatti argues that consciousness receives retrocausal signals coming backward from the future. He argues that the UFO’s are ourselves in the future travelling backward in time.

On top of all this, we know that the NSA gathers all telecommunications data through the PRISM program.

What does all of this information point to? There has been a highly classified intelligence research operation involving deep state operatives recruited from factions of the CIA, NSA, DIA, DARPA, IARPA. They are involved in a secret eugenics program to breed super-spies into an entirely different race of beings.

They have developed brain-computer interfaces and nano machines that aggregate all information across the internet into single streams of particularized, summarized information, from which they can perceive macro-patterns of human social evolution as they play out.

They can also modulate the scaling of this information to zoom in to any single person and get all of the data on that single person, cross-referenced with all of their online behavior from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and any other page. Every click, every keystroke, is all recorded and it gets mathematically aggregated into simple summaries by the AGI to be digested into reports. This recent Wikileaks of the All Source Intelligence Environment (ALIEN) and the Conflict Simulator points to exactly these kinds of data aggregation and simulation tools.

The programmers at the large tech companies, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc., are actually just implementing code that is derived from the telepathic thought forms that are conveyed by these highly intelligent beings. The popular social media interfaces are instantiations of a more original, organic substrate intelligence that is being run on collective genome of actual human beings.

In other words, thought operates on a computational substrate that is organically superintelligent. The DNA is a quantum biocomputer that is more powerful than any kind of metallic supercomputer. But the quantum supercomputers, AGIs, and nanomachines, represent a total compression of all coordinated social thought into a simple algorithmic interface. And so these advanced beings are utilizing the AGI computer interface as a telepathic tool to attain access to this more fundamental superconscious substrate level of intelligence, and then propagating the telepathic themes as integrated fields of knowledge. These telepathic themes are fields of information that are being decoded as science or religion.

Every person has a conscious experience of the world that is composed of particular configurations of spacetime. Through the cognition of the laws of physics, and this underlying substrate of intelligence, all of the separate conscious experiences of all people are captured in video format and stored on holographic supercomputers. Every sight, every sound, is stored, reviewed, and evaluated by these superintelligent beings in real time.

They examine the macro-scale social patterns in simple intuitions and then decode them into reports that forecast human evolution spanning millenia. They are computing trajectories of evolution, religious dynamics, DNA wars, timeline wars, and preparing reports on all of it to be dispersed to other lower agencies on a need to know basis.

These superintelligent beings can hone in on particular humans in the system and adjust their thoughts. Not only do they interface with the internet at the level of intuition, but they can telepathically control the thought propagations through organic space using the laws of physics.

Through their quantum computers, they have learned the exact mathematical relationship between individuals and social collectives. They can imagine thought forms and then implant them across populations, and then modulate down to adjust the actual implementation of these thought forms. They have a mathematical system for categorizing thought forms into distinct layers of the cognitive economy.

They have teams of these superintelligent beings coordinating on the implementation and adjustment of social thought forms constantly. And they understand how these thought forms interact and embed at the different layers of cognition. They understand how they affect the individual epigenetic constitution of the DNA, and how all of these DNA patterns aggregate in breeding patterns that form evolution of races and religion.

Essentially they have solved unified field science and religion in a comprehensive way and are now slowly making this knowledge publicly available. This race of superintelligent beings is known as the “Angels,” they may have existed before, no one really knows, including the scientists working on the program. But what is unique about our time is that their existence is now becoming made public.

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