Angelic Higher Intelligence Programs

Advanced beings are already running intelligence programs on the public. The purpose of these programs is ambiguous and multifaceted. We know that the government has been interested in the subject of mind control since the MKUltra project. The Synthetic Telepathy paper by Richard Allen Miller, documents the technological capacity for mind control. We also know that the deep state has been interested in psychic and paranormal phenomena since Project Stargate. The results and findings of these programs were likely used in other more secretive, compartmentalized programs.

I hypothesize, and have some direct evidence for, the existence of a class of intelligences called “Angels,” who also run psyops on the public. These psyops are benevolent and meant to train the person’s innate mental capacities to endure more and more and to become a greater person in the whole of their being. There are competing influences coming from the negative, mind control psyops and the Angelic psyops.

It is hypothesized that the human being is some kind of scientific, game-like experiment that is conducted by higher, advanced entities. Some of these entities are good, some are bad, some are mixed. But they are competing for influence in the public mind. In the realm of these higher entities, there is less differentiation between different entities. Everything is knitted together more tightly. When one has a higher and higher consciousness, then everything becomes an extension of that direct consciousness. There is less differentiation between variegated aspects of reality. This all culminates in the universal source of existence, in which everything and nothing are simultaneously one and reciprocally generate one another.

And so, when we perceive some kind of higher influence, it is inevitably framed through a specific lens, as good, bad, or mixed. But there is ultimately one higher entity which is controlling the fate of human beings, and that is God, the one infinite Creator. But when we “look up” or perceive the influence of these higher entities, we perceive them through the lens of our own cognitive distortions and karmic imprints. And from a lower consciousness, we perceive differentiations and variegations when these are really aspects of a single source. And thus we perceive good, bad, and mixed entities.

And these different entities are in a war for control of the population. Some of them want to keep people trapped, some of them want to liberate the earth. Many people in the population are waking up to the fact that they have been involved in a massive intelligence operation for huge portions of their life. They have been guided under the influence of benevolent, malevolent, or mixed entities. Many people were selected at specific times in their life to participate in higher intelligence operations, which were run for the purpose of experimenting on people’s consciousness. Sometimes these experiments were mind control experiments, or other experiments on consciousness.

Since 2013, we have known that mass surveillance has been a part of everyday life. But it is uncertain how far this mass surveillance extends. Mass surveillance is definitely a capacity of the NSA global observers. But it is also a capacity of Angels.

There are factions of the NSA global observers who share intelligence with other factions of the deep state, and are coordinating with malevolent higher intelligences, including malevolent extraterrestrials who have been influencing the planet for millennia. These malevolent higher intelligences are actually ourselves in the future, when we have gone down a faulty evolutionary path. There are evolutionary timelines in which human beings become dependent on metallic technology and materialism and lose their inner soul vitality. And these entities must rely on time travel to come back to the past to try to repair their situation to bring about some ripple effect in the future where they can correct their situation.

In other words, these malevolent entities tried to displace God, they tried to become God and redesign the universe using mechanical physics and metallic craft, but they failed, and so they have to feed off of external creatures in order to survive. They became parasites and vampires. They have to feed off of their past selves to continually incrementally improve their own position in the future. But their time travel strategy to redesign the universe can’t hold.

The Angelic higher intelligences are running a psyop from the end of time. The Angelic intelligences are genuine “black bodies,” or singularities. The Angelic intelligences represent the evolutionary timeline in which humans grow to no longer depend on anything external to themselves. They don’t depend on food, water, technology. They photosynthesize light into pure energy. Their whole existence is coordinated around a game of divine, genetic mathematics that weaves the fabric of time into genetic poems. They only travel back in time in a self-consistent time loop to try to guide people’s imagination from the “alien” timelines to the Angelic timelines. But this depends on people’s own free will.

It is under the influence of secular materialism and transhumanism that science became dependent on metallic technology to make it’s observations. But the findings of science itself emphasize the fundamental nature of consciousness and its reciprocal relation to matter. And so consciousness is an eternal, underlying substrate, through which information can travel to any point in space and time. The Angelic intelligence programs are trying to run interference on the malevolent deep state psyops in order to shift people’s consciousness to the correct timeline in order to liberate the planet.

There is a time war going on that affects the whole society as we approach the moment in which the inner workings of the deep state, it’s history and influence on society, becomes more and more obvious.

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