Organic Mathematics for Decoding Memories

Organic mathematics is based on the premise that there is an “original situation” at the beginning of time when nothing and everything spontaneously generate one another. This original situation is the moment that is the origin of creation, and is always concurrent with reality. In other words this original situation or original axiom is always simultaneously there as a fundamental, intelligent substrate of consciousness. We only have to remember this original situation at any moment.

This means that organic mathematics is the logic of paradox. It consists of balancing the reciprocal generation of opposites into a motioned equilibrium that affects the constitution of space and the consciousness overlay. For this reason, the organic mathematics assists in decoding multidimensional memories.

The supersoul consciousness consists of all possible timelines, parallel realities, past and future lifetimes, in one single interdimensional awareness. The concrete series of events that happens in a person’s life is a compressed bundle, which contains hierarchical layers of information about these interdimensional realities.

In the original situation, the infinite whole is compressed into the simplest possible unity. Our own situation, as beings in time and illusion consists of remembering that original reality. And thus our own situation of space and time is a compression of all realities. Each tangible situation is encoded with the map of infinity.

And thus one’s dreams or particularly lucid dreams, are hyper dimensional spaces that are more accurate compressions of infinity. The collective consciousness forms momentums of expectation or anticipation that create these hyperspatial realms. For this reason, the collective assumptions and beliefs of people are important for the composition of reality. These hyperspatial realms are what coordinate human activity.

The technologies for creating these hyperspatial realities and decoding them into coherent meanings, is organic mathematics (OM). Essentially the soul essence of each living being is related to the core of a star, and that core is intrinsically related to the core of a black hole, the center of all gravity. And each black hole is related to the convergence of all black holes. This convergence is the end of the organic virtual reality simulation, the final state of all conclusions.

And we have direct access to that point in the original situation. The organic mathematics consists of equalizing the pressures of the variegated interplay of aspects toward an analog of the final convergence.

The rules of grammar are structured around aperiodic quasicrystalline structures, which are also an analog of the genetic expression. The rules of grammar thus converge on moments of pure analogy, they collapse into the ground of analogy. That moment is a kind of portal or gateway into a higher reality.

Thus organic mathematics is an organic technology for decoding the layers of spatial information into a coherent organized system. And further it is used for the absolute synchrony of all spatial events. It is used to propagate the substrate consciousness into the field of absolute intention, where belief and reality intermingle.

Furthermore it is used in the wars over hyperspace. There is currently a battle among interdimensional beings for the constitution of hyperspace on the planet earth. The organic mathematics is one tool for waging this war on the side of goodness, truth, and beauty.

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