Organic Mathematics

Organic Mathematics (OM) stands in reciprocal complementarity to mechanistic mathematics. OM begins from the principle or axiom of the “original situation.” The original situation can be characterized as the moment which initiated the projection of time. This moment is all of existence in implicate simultaneity. And thus this moment is a mathematical structure which is the overcoding of all moments in discrete, conventional time.

The original situation can also be characterized as “vertical time” or “vertical causality,” in contrast to horizontal time. Vertical time descends on or collapses into horizontal time. Vertical time means that the whole of existence is present at any point in discrete horizontal frames of time. The whole is contained in any particular aspect. This principle is also known in the concept of a fractal or hologram.

The original situation allows for instantaneous realization of the composite infinity. The space time container which is existence is a composite infinity under a changing aspect or context. The experience of spacetime is the navigation of a literal infinity structure.

Thus the entirety of existence from one’s birth to death is a single mathematical structure, which is a sequence of discrete frames. This sequence is horizontal, conventional time. But all of the frames taken at once, in a single structure, is vertical time.

Organic mathematics consists of forming an image of vertical time, forming an image of the whole mathematical spacetime structure, from birth to death. This single image is captured in a vision or a feeling. It is one single moment which contains all of the discrete sequential frames in a single conception.

Now using this conception one can analyze and navigate any of the discrete, sequential frames, placing the proper qualitative emphasis on each one, modulating the appearance of horizontal time from vertical time. This distributes energy optimally throughout the whole timeline structure.

This image or vision of the whole timeline in a single moment, can be successively updated or improved with new information. It is simply a background hermeneutic contextualization of any specific event. Each sequential frame is an instance of its unfolding. Yet each sequential frame can update the total image.

This total image, this image of the whole timeline, constitutes an axiomatic shared understanding and reference point between people from very different timelines. It constitutes a psychic gestalt which forms a common point by which each person can begin decoding each other’s interpretations. The original situation is the most obvious common reference point because it is the most fundamental ground of conception. It is simply existence itself.

Thus organic mathematics is more general than mechanistic mathematics. It is a generalized mathematization of consciousness itself. It allows for the analysis, emphasis, adjustment of any particular phenomena, as well as a ground contextualization of any particular phenomena. It allows for modulation of memory affects that leave imprints which form into habits.

This approach stands in contrast to mechanistic mathematics, in which perception is localized and particular. In mechanistic mathematics, one’s perspective is always only localized and not holographic. This is because mechanistic mathematics has the law of non-contradiction in reasoning. The axioms of mechanistic mathematics do not posit an image of the whole or of infinity. Or they present a false, machine image of the whole.

Organic mathematics does not accept contradictions, but it accepts the reciprocal harmony of equilibrated opposites. This is the intrinsic structure of the infinity conception. Mechanistic mathematics abhors infinity.

Existence itself is an organic infinity, and cannot be reduced to a stepwise, sequential machine. This machinic conception will never facilitate the coordination of human activity on a macro scale, because it is not in resonance with the soul of organic beings.

Human beings have to be forced into the machinic conception through a transhumanist delusion. The reality of the ground of existence is an organic infinity which is eternal and stable, and allows for perpetual novelty.

Thus organic mathematics constitutes a technology of perception. It is a bootstrapping mechanism for processing increasingly large gestalts of information in a logical manner. It also interfaces with traditional religion and thus allows for a macro scale social coordination.

Organic mathematics of the original situation consists of a careful analysis of mutually reciprocal and complementary opposites. The most basic reciprocal and complementary opposites are matter and consciousness. Just prior to the beginning of time, matter and consciousness constitute a perfect harmonic equilibrium.

Time introduces an asymmetry, but the original situation never stops existing. It is threaded throughout the implementation of time like a background radiation. All other reciprocal opposites like past and future, good and evil, symmetry and asymmetry, organic and mechanistic, potential and actual, also exist in a harmonic equilibrium, in the original situation. And so to balance all conceivable qualities into a harmonic equilibrium through sustained careful modulation of emphasis, is the practice of true organic mathematics.

2 thoughts on “Organic Mathematics

  1. Wonderful thoughts. I had a revelation of sorts which involved a data dump comprising similar concepts. I asked the contact once how to universe was generated and they showed me that self awareness is infinitely expanding from recursively self aware sets. This infinite recursion resembles the real number line. The second step involved generating traversals which were different paths through the number tree expansion. I suspect these may be analogous to irrational numbers. And the third step involved folding these into geometries. It was around here I lost it because I didn’t understand from where the concept of space originated. I’d love to see your thoughts on formalizing organic mathematics into a symbolic system.


    1. That’s amazing, have you sustained this contact? That’s one of my main aims is to formalize organic mathematics into something between a symbolic system and a collective dynamic embodied modality


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