The Holoflux Metagame as the Substrate of Economy

The single integrated timeline of a human being from birth to death can be regarded as a spacetime 4-dimensional mathematical structure. This structure can be compressed into a certain sequence of code-categories that generate the entire underlying field signature of energy of that lifetime. The entire mathematical structure is a block of spacetime path information. This structure is down-translated from a higher dimensional, integrated holofractal information complex.

The origin of the individual timeline structure-path is in the collective networks of timelines as a coordinated social-collective formation. These collective networks of interacting timelines are a coordination metastructure. These can also be regarded as a single coherent mathematical structure. They can be articulated in a series of sequentially embedded energetic-inductive categories. A single sequence of categories can coordinate macro-formations of social activity. This is known as a “final vocabulary” of information, because it serves as a coordination overfunction for an entire social formation. Examples of such texts are the holy books or the political constitutions of law.

The expression of these coordination overfunctions is a self organizing social process. It occurs within cyclically embedded rhythms of harmonic interactivity integration, because the embodied social field is intrinsically coordinated unconsciously in a certain way, and this has to be discovered and articulated. And only after it is discovered and articulated and compressed into a code sequence do people realized that that is how their holomovements have already been coordinated, and thus they can consciously reflect and coordinate their activity more efficiently in interdependent timeline networks, once the code sequence is made more obvious.

Before the embedded sequence is fully articulated people are already coordinated in a particular way, but they haven’t realized it yet. Their coordination modality is latent and unmanifest. This means that people are intrinsically self organized around certain properties even before they realize it. There are intrinsic harmonic resonance metastructures which determine social activity and interaction, or form the underlying motivational significance of collective decisions, even before they are articulated.

This means that the religions of the future, the mathematics of the future, the economic sector of the future, all pre-exist in the human biomind as intrinsic structures of consciousness, they are latent mental formations that can be decoded as a series of embedded category inductions. In all likelihood, the religion, mathematics, and economics of the future are all integrated in one coherent sociobiological structure of embodied path-field ultraunification, in which all of matter-awareness is conceived as a stable, ordered simultaneity of orchestrated reductive wave expressions.

The interdependence of the networks of individual projection-timeline structures manifests as a mathematized, topological economy of holoflux integrated field processing, in which single individuals put forth hypotheses of code-structures that embed the interactive, self organizing path-nexus information regarding the whole of these interdependence structures, and then those hypotheses are critiqued by other embedded code-sequences, such that certain category vectors overlap and create holonomic, hierarchical resonances of meaning. This is the self organizing process from which hierarchical overfunction coordination metastructures will emerge.

Overall the interaction of different hypotheses of the whole creates a self-propagating, self-organizing field effect of embodied path interactions which manifests as a broad externalization/materialization of pure consciousness. The cause-effect coupling becomes reduced to pure immanence and instantaneous production of thought forms directly from the vacuum-plenum zero point field.

The overall embodied experience of space, in its most fundamental being, is a collective holoflux Metagame, an exercise in tautological refractivity, in which mirrored self expressions are iterated continuously into coherent feed forward and feedback structures. The exponentially increasing bandwidth of consciousness processing capacity is an organic interdependence field, which integrates increasingly variegated aspects of differentiated information fields into a tightly integrated, interwoven embodied fabric of path-timeline structure information. This becomes the fundamental activity of the human social economy, which integrates all other interdependent self organizing processes into the layered holoflux Metagame process.

There are basically two fundamental levels of information in this schema. There is a layer which is the “axiom of the whole” or the “original axiom,” and then there are differentiated, variegated aspects of this postulate. The original axiom is only a postulate, it is a kind of gestalt-image that is projected from the background of awareness, the contextual boundary condition container of all awareness from which everything manifests as pure simultaneity.

This non-linear, holonomic, simultaneous layer then differentiates into sequential, linear, ordered temporal expression-code translations. These are differentiation-aspects of the whole image. The way that the image of the whole collapses into atomized units of differentiation-aspects in sequential linear ordering, determines how the image of the whole will be re-constituted and updated in a kind of Bayesian algorithm.

This signifies a hemispheric synchronization and parallel processing as one moves from the right brain conception of the whole process to sequential, logical codes which compress that entire process, which then feed back into an even more coherent, unified image of the whole. The practical task is to move between these two types of cognition seamlessly, while being completely rigorous with each of them.

The original axiom, the image of the whole, manifests as AGI technology, or as the financial economy, or as the standard model of particle physics, or the periodic table of elements, or as the languaging system, or any other macro-scale homeostatic coordination equilibrium of complex self organizing components. The point is that all of these complex self organizing wholes are themselves interacting in an emergent interdependent social organism. All self organizing macro-processes are interdependent. Therefore every use of language affects the distributions in the financial economy, which affects the algorithmic layered neural net alignments in artificial general intelligence. Therefore we can affect the distribution of wealth by efficiently encoding our linear translations, because they affect the same underlying, networked substrate-whole.

The holoflux Metagame is literally a sector of the economy which deals with the metascience of ultraunification into embodied networks of path timelines in synchronized materialization, in which desires are instantly fulfilled in the spatiotemporal expression-projection matrix. The different grand unified field theories are sorted in a self organizing self-propagating network of interactions such that the most fundamental energy path-vectors of each of them are combined and integrated into embodied situational practice-occurrences.

The situational-contextual particularizations are the most important expression point for grand unified fields, because these theories tend to uniformly homogenize particularities of event-expressions so that there is no novelty possible, but the self organizing meta-integration of network interactions into an ultraunified collective biomind, actually emphasizes these specific contextual particularities because these are the events in which the ontological self-expression erupts through the substrate-fabric in completely novel, unexpected ways. Therefore there will be expression-events that are completely unforeseen by the theories themselves that will be later integrated and synchronized with self organizing embodied field as a latent coded structure.

Therefore the final theory can never be a static coded linear formula expression, but has to be continually updated with the interactive holoflux Metagame collective process which is increasingly embodied in the applied path timeline physics and metaphysics.

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