Tradition and Physics

One of the primary problems on the planet it seems is the gap between the most financially wealthy and the most poor. However this can also be framed as a problem of an intelligence gap. This intelligence gap can be framed as the problem of very advanced science versus very traditional religion.

Those who are at the highest levels of advanced science are generally considered the most intelligent people and also the most wealthy. Those who are steeped in the most traditional, conservative, dogmatic adherence to traditional religion are generally considered the most ignorant and least intelligent, stereotypically, and therefore the poorest.

We see that the problem of wealth inequality can be framed as a problem of reason versus revelation. Now one could easily say that revelation is obviously the loser in this battle. People who adhere to traditional dogmas of revelation should just give it up to embrace science and thereby become more intelligent and more wealthy. But this problem will not be resolved so easily.

The problem is that of a double bind. The faction of traditional religion will not recognize the unconditional validity of science because they believe that their end time prophecies will be fulfilled. And the faction of advanced scientists (physicists) will not recognize the unconditional validity of traditional religion because they think it keeps people bound in ignorance. Each side will continue to try to prove beyond any doubt the reality of their own position, with the religious factions looking for the signs of the end time or evidence of miracles, and out of body experiences to prove the existence of spiritual phenomena. And physicists will continue to look for proof of their models through improvements in bio-medicine, technology, and engineering.

And thus we have the perpetuation of global wealth inequality because these two factions can not recognize the unconditional validity of each of the two opposed positions. Some of the early attempted solutions to this problem have been inadequate. There are religions like Scientology which seek to reconcile the two aspects under a new untested religious tradition. There are movements like the new age, which also take aspects of both based on sketchy spiritual proposition and inauthentic revelations. There are scientists who have been interested in the religious implications of new findings of science. But none of these manages to prove the unconditional validity of each to the other, which is what is most needed.

There are other solutions which look more promising. On the science side, there are scientists who have approached science from completely different starting assumptions. Most western science has assumptions of a purely materialistic, mechanistic, reductive mind state. And thus its discoveries largely are applicable only within that limited mind frame. They do not address solutions as and to a holistic, ecological, spiritual being. But other scientists, including some non western scientists, have approached science from a more spiritual and transcendental disposition and discovered completely different results which have a much wider application. Some examples are N. Kozyrev, Peter Garaiev, AR Bordon, Dan Winter, Jack Sarfatti, Beverly Rubik, Dean Radin, Rupert Sheldrake. These scientists point toward solutions and applications that may be more widely available and holistic. They point towards a greater natural harmony. These solutions point towards an applied information technology that can be implemented by those with traditional beliefs.

On the side of traditional religion, there is a promising movement called Traditionalism or perennial philosophy. This is the school which was founded by Rene Guenon, Julius Evola, and Frithjof Schuon. The main tenet of this school is that the religious traditions are authentic descendants of a previously reigning primordial tradition. This primordial tradition is the universal belief system that existed during the golden age of human existence, attested to by multiple predominant traditions. There are universal, cross cultural motifs, archetypes and symbols that are present within all of the religious traditions which point towards the original primordial harmony of the disparate factions. The traditionalists do not give themselves over to a weak syncretism, however. They insist on the traditional validity of each of the religious beliefs separately, but they believe these separate traditions have a common ancestor- the eternal, universal tradition that is passed on in an unbroken lineage from person to person.

The question then is, are these two fields, the new idiomaterial science and the perennial philosophy school, starting to overlap in any way?

They are beginning to overlap in what is called “universal mathematics” or “organic mathematics.” This is a field which combines the ontology of several different branches of mathematics- information theory (compression), category theory (situated context), and game theory (coordination).

Universal mathematics posits a fundamental axiom: that there is an original state of being, which is intrinsic to biological memory, in which all of information is simultaneous, stable, and ordered. This is an ontological state called the “original situation” or the “original axiom.”

This state of being is merely a postulate or a hypothesis, but it is tested sequentially in time by the human being. The personal will of the human being is aligned or connected with this fundamental state of pure infinite potential energy prior to the beginning of time.

The person starts out with a vision or an image (hypothesis) of the original situation and then tests that against empirical reality. This test draws out the intrinsic harmonic resonance that is the natural state-capacity of pure being. Then as the intrinsic harmonic resonance of the original situation becomes manifest in empirical reality, the person updates their model of the original situation. Drawing out the intrinsic harmonic resonance of being often occurs as a memory or a remembrance of something that always already occurs. This leads one to posit the original situation as a pure trajectory of vector intention directly into the heart of infinite organic simultaneity of all existence.

Another property of the original situation is the mutual, reciprocal harmonic of opposed qualitative complements. This means that all conceivable quality-aspects are perfectly balanced in harmonic equilibrium. Novelty and stasis, symmetry and asymmetry, past and future, internal and external, good and evil, entropy and syntropy, are in perfect harmonic complementarity, such that they actually cancel each other into a pure structured plenum of quality-aspects, in the original situation.

The original situation is what is known as “vertical time,” as opposed to horizontal time. Vertical time is the way in which all of apparently infinite existence collapses from pure potential into actual reality simultaneously. Potentials “descend” from vertical time into horizontal time. Horizontal time is the sequence of discrete passing frames on a timeline. Vertical time is the entire timeline at once, collapsing in simultaneity.

Vertical time allows us to conceive an image (hypothesis, model) of the original situation. It allows us to conceive our entire life-existence from birth to death, as a single simultaneous moment. This single moment is actually a fully coherent mathematical structure which can be decoded into discrete categories. And the categories can be arranged such that they compress the entire structure in a simple concise format.

What this allows for is a high bandwidth organic communication system. This means that organic mathematics is an organic technology of thought. It is an organic capacity of human biology.

Within our DNA, we have access to the vacuum-plenum from which existence manifests. Our chromosomes function as organic quantum biocomputers that connects all life in a biological, genomic internet. Written or spoken texts act as literal analogies of genetic code, they have the same frequency distribution of characters and same grammatical structure. What we speak, read, or write effects epigenetic cascades in our biology. This is what is discovered experimentally in the work of Peter Garaiev.

So going back to our original problem, the disparity of wealth between the very poor and the very rich. If we can begin to conceive of human life as a rich, textured fabric of interactive holonomic biocommunication coordinated around an original Metagame, which is attempting to articulate, schematize, and manifest the original situation, then we are drawing out the original harmonic resonance which composes natural existence.

This will allow for the human race to become more and more integrated into a collective biomind in which we all retain our unique expressive individuality and simultaneously move through space in a pure purposive synchrony, have intrinsic, intuitive knowledge of the interactive, interdependent operation of different components in one holomovement.

This pure Metagame is to become the fundamental activity of the world economy, the processing of pure structures of consciousness into spatial fluidity and greater and greater social organizations that generate all economic productivity.

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