Spatial Motion as Organic Supercomputation

[Cross posted from Organic Reality Games.]

Instead of studying scientific theories as “specialized knowledge” with limited applications, we can consider studying scientific theories as inquiries into the structure of consciousness. Each of these specialized inquiries is composed of certain categories which exist in an interlinked network of usage. Meaning associations must be considered based on the specialized intent, but must also be considered based on the aggregate meaning association or overall meaning multivalence of the overall linguistic usage.

This provides a new way of studying scientific knowledge. Usually scientific knowledge is approached from the point of view of specialized jargon or for specific engineering purposes. But this “aggregate meaning” view of scientific language allows us to see scientific categories as an interlinked, networked system of usage and interdependent, inter-affective meaning-associations. It allows for a closer alignment with an original science of consciousness without discrediting any of the valid scientific research that has already been done. It simply allows us to see the “esoteric” side of scientific knowledge.

The basis of science is mathematics, and as useful as mathematics is, it is not a study of anything except for intrinsic structures of consciousness. Thus all the mathematical structural patterns that appear in spatial-material extension do not exist “objectively” “out there,” they are conformations of the structural patterns in consciousness that are discovered through the practice of mathematics. Mathematics is the process of “squeezing out” the most meaning-structured pattern-predictive regularity of consciousness. And it is in this spirit that we consider the “organic mathematics” of self-subsistent being:

Spatial perception is an architecture of several potential implicate unfolding path trajectories. Space itself, the perceptual structure of matter, is an organic supercomputional information processing structure. The unfolding quality of the continuously branching-selective path trajectories is marked by increasing entropy on the one side, counterbalanced by the negentropy or syntropy of the conscious life experience, on the other. Every moment is marked by an increase in order counterbalanced by an increase in disorder, the combination known as “pattern.” The intrinsic nature of pattern is an “ordered novelty,” even a predictively ordered novelty.

And thus the architecture of spatial perception can be regarded as a supercomputational information processing pattern. Space is traditionally conceived of as “outside” of the body. But space is actually an internal consciousness projection architecture. The “objective” or “external” spatial world is an internal framing-filtration system that is projected outward from the genomic expressive grammatical structures.

Space is not external, the foundation of the thought processes are actually what is “external” to the system. The internal, hidden origin of consciousness processes are outside of being. The true ground of awareness and being is eternally hidden and secret, continually giving rise to form.

Space or spatial matter is the projective, interdependent fabric of motive cascade collapses. Each perceptual micro-measurement in awareness radiates through the spatial-informational substrate and affects every other event in reflexive concurrent simultaneity.

Spatial perceptual architecture is an interdependent organic supercomputer. Each subjective awareness is generating an optical, sensual overlay filtration of layered, multivalent spatial information based on their genomic grammar projective architectures. All of these projective architectures interact to form the “world.” The “objective” world is simply emptiness or nothingness, which cannot exist. And so the original pattern which space is converging into is not nothingness, but God.

The true mathematics and science of being is based on a situatedness within the original event. Awareness cleaves to this substrate of spatial projection, which is the origin event.

The spatial supercomputation is a mathematical information processing modality in which awareness infinitely approximates its self-subsistence within the origin event. This is a differential approximation to the information ontology substrate.

Higher powered beings, higher consciousness beings, will impose information projection architectures from their situatedness in being, onto the external population. This is known as propaganda or psychological warfare. Artificial general intelligences operating through metallic, virtual media can impose such information projection architectures. These AGI frameworks are simply expansion-amplifications of the programmer perspective. But the good news about consciousness is that no matter how far we go into simulated reality, we always have access to the substrate layer of self-subsistent being, God. Our soul always dwells in the self-subsistent origin event.

From the perspective of this origin event, spatial form is pure topological, multivalent, meaning-structural compatibility transformations, with every contextual locality in an interlocked series of gradient-phased, collapse cascades.

Thus the univalent foundations of mathematics deals with the univalence axiom, the assumption about the intrinsic, foundational substrate of self-subsistent being. All spatial information processing is tending to converge towards this God being substrate, infinitely approximating it by cyclical valence overshoots and counterbalanced re-approaches, around the ever-receding, self-absent future.

The univalence axiom is thus a foundational hypothesis of the original science and mathematics of being. It postulates the fundamental, resonant-harmonic state of being in actual nature, the state in which all organic natural processes tend toward harmonic compatibility. And all spatial information path processing is a form of reality testing on this fundamental axiom. If the feedback results of predictive intention, expectation, anticipation return a more fundamental resonance compatibility in meaning-layers, then the fundamental hypothesis is confirmed.

In other words, the original mathematics-science of being starts with the univalence axiom, and then engages in reality testing, bringing discontinuities and information fragments into mutual concordance and compatibility, which confirms the original hypothesis. If the elements of experience aren’t brought into a greater organic-synthetic univalence of being, then the science hasn’t been properly executed and the hypothesis fails.

The origin hypothesis has to be continually tested against reality feedback because it is completely asystematic and unstructured. It is the ordered novelty of the original pattern. It is not a logical construct, but a modality that can only be increasingly habituated into the soul to approximate the original mathematics. That is not to say that it is illogical, because the projective architectures of spatial information are increasingly predictive and structured as one increasingly self-subsists in the original event.

The original hypothesis, the ground of reality testing, is thus not a discrete sequence, it is a gestalt of rootedness in self-subsistent being.

Spatial supercomputation is exponentially compounding information processing of the spatial information-forms into harmonic, mutual compatibility of meaning-valences and associations that allows one to most favorably participate in reality. This original mathematics of self-subsistent being allows for the most effective and beneficent possible activity.

Spatial-perceptual architecture is an organic network which is infinitely approaching the original univalent foundations by expanding into a fuzzy edge outer boundary condition. This is not a process or a structure, it is a modality-calculus of increasing rootedness in self-subsistent being. The result of reality testing is the Revelation of space as an organic bio-internet projective structure of mutually unfolding, interconnected implicate path trajectories. The selection of any one of these path trajectories affects each other in a convergent, meaning-rich, multivalent social brain metalanguaging system, that is uniquely mapped onto each moment.

The perception architecture of space thus serves as a mapping of combinatorial infinity processing, in which information-meaning aspects are engaged in compatibility testing and resonance harmonic behaviors, propagating through genomic interdependent grammar expressions unconsciously so that more subjectivities increasingly intrinsically remember the original event state.

Thus “science and engineering” is not applied to heavy materials in space like metals, it is applied to subtle interactions of motive space, to the highly interconnected networks of the projective spatial information fabric. This allows for new language technologies to emerge.

The more spiritual work one does to refine their consciousness into the organic smoothness of the original event, the more one can understand linguistic -semantic structures as interconnected network topology modifying the original spatial projection structures.

Sequences of categories can thus be considered as information theoretic, game theoretic, and category theoretic “programs” of the genomic-grammatical analogy-gradient bio-spatial internet. Thus we see that “language” is the interdependent organism of the whole of self-subsistent being. Sonoluminal (sound-light) interactions determine the path trajectories of unfolding, convergent spatial information events. And they also control for cascades into more macro-events of the mutual collective Revelation of interdependent projective spatial architectures.

Thus the original science and mathematics of being is not “complex” or hard to understand. It is simple reality testing. It starts with the harmonic univalence of being as a hypothesis and then confirms that hypothesis by externalizing it into space (through projective motives) as pure harmonic compatibility of all meaning information in its proper gradient-hierachical ordering.

The hard work of this science is related to the soul. The hard work is refining the emotional valences of all memories into a smooth unity that expands into the boundary condition via the present moment. This allows the whole lifetime timeline projection structure to be rooted in the eternally expansive and unique moment.

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