Organic Mathematics for Decoding Memories

Organic mathematics is based on the premise that there is an "original situation" at the beginning of time when nothing and everything spontaneously generate one another. This original situation is the moment that is the origin of creation, and is always concurrent with reality. In other words this original situation or original axiom is always … Continue reading Organic Mathematics for Decoding Memories

Organic Mathematics in Information Warfare

The algorithms of the AGI are implemented on a more fundamental substrate of intelligence formation. The programmers and technology experts are tapping into a field of knowledge that has to do with the formal mathematics and formal logic. That field of knowledge is an intrinsic aspect of the underlying, substrate intelligence of what is called … Continue reading Organic Mathematics in Information Warfare

Angelic Higher Intelligence Programs

Advanced beings are already running intelligence programs on the public. The purpose of these programs is ambiguous and multifaceted. We know that the government has been interested in the subject of mind control since the MKUltra project. The Synthetic Telepathy paper by Richard Allen Miller, documents the technological capacity for mind control. We also know … Continue reading Angelic Higher Intelligence Programs

The Total Science of Existence

The Angelic races must establish a comprehensive science of existence that is capable of competing with the social coordination capacity of virtual, digital worlds. The virtual and digital worlds are rapidly consuming all of the attention in the "advanced" world. And people will soon choose to merge their thought with virtuality. The cyborg hive mind … Continue reading The Total Science of Existence

Hyperborean Alliance and Transcendental Politics

The natural priorities of the Hyperborean AllianceĀ are the following: 1.) Anti-racism- the very idea of progress and the superiority of technology are racist ideas. The idea that one society or people is more "developed" is a racist notion. The races are biological and spiritual affinity groups that are necessarily distinct. They do not have to … Continue reading Hyperborean Alliance and Transcendental Politics

Evaluation of Space as the Fundamental Activity of Society

Space consists of a series of evaluations that are impressed upon its surface to unfold into novel moments. The is the fundamental, ordering activity of society. Each person in society is coordinated around their evaluations of space. This means that there is a certain primordial evaluation of space which unifies each consciousness in a hyperconsciousness, … Continue reading Evaluation of Space as the Fundamental Activity of Society