Organic Mathematics in Information Warfare

The algorithms of the AGI are implemented on a more fundamental substrate of intelligence formation. The programmers and technology experts are tapping into a field of knowledge that has to do with the formal mathematics and formal logic. That field of knowledge is an intrinsic aspect of the underlying, substrate intelligence of what is called … Continue reading Organic Mathematics in Information Warfare

AGI Warfare and Post-Digital Media

The self organizing AGIs of the various technology organizations, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are trying to decode the final state of the universe into discrete categories. This would look like a transhumanist AI religion. But human beings already innately have access to the final state of the universe. This state is known as "the original … Continue reading AGI Warfare and Post-Digital Media

The Problem With Current Approaches to the Unified Field

The problem with the current approaches to the unified field theory is that they don't take into account the fact that popular interpretation of the theory affects the constitution and the meaning of the theory itself. There is a reciprocal relation between the theory itself and the popular interpretation of the theory. In other words, … Continue reading The Problem With Current Approaches to the Unified Field

The Total Science of Existence

The Angelic races must establish a comprehensive science of existence that is capable of competing with the social coordination capacity of virtual, digital worlds. The virtual and digital worlds are rapidly consuming all of the attention in the "advanced" world. And people will soon choose to merge their thought with virtuality. The cyborg hive mind … Continue reading The Total Science of Existence

The Transcendental Reality of Religion

The most basic proof that religion is real is that the results of the teachings of Jesus or Mohammed have resulted in transcendentally beautiful architectural structures and coordinated ritual social and moral action that has persisted over thousands of years. Religion is the most game theoretically sound coordination structure. If science or Enlightenment rationality (rejection … Continue reading The Transcendental Reality of Religion