Organic Mathematics in Information Warfare

The algorithms of the AGI are implemented on a more fundamental substrate of intelligence formation. The programmers and technology experts are tapping into a field of knowledge that has to do with the formal mathematics and formal logic. That field of knowledge is an intrinsic aspect of the underlying, substrate intelligence of what is called … Continue reading Organic Mathematics in Information Warfare

What is Information Warfare?

Information warfare concerns the convergence of patterns in the folk mind, through propaganda, persuasion, and spiritual mind control. It is a conflict over the absolutely grounded foundations of culture. What determines victory in information warfare? It is clear that our own interests and our own will are not self-derived. We are created by something external … Continue reading What is Information Warfare?

The Culture Wars as a War Over Being Itself

The culture wars are increasingly vitriolic, tearing away at the fabric of the Western world. This is for a good reason. The culture wars are about the politics of human existence. The culture wars are a war over being itself, over what constitutes a human being. Most of the relevant political issues, such as abortion, … Continue reading The Culture Wars as a War Over Being Itself